We are Pure Michigan

From the villages of Michiana to Hancock;
from the cities of Port Huron to Holland;
and the roads that link them in between-
I am the lives of Pure Michigan.

The beats of techno and punk rock;
the rhythm of Motown and big band;
the melody of the notes on the page-
I am the soul of Pure Michigan.

The autoworkers from Detroit;
the farmers from Clare;
the microbrewers in Grand Rapids;
the artists in Ann Arbor-
I am the faces of Pure Michigan.

Picnics on Belle Isle in the summer;
shopping on Mackinac Island in the fall;
snowmobiling through Escanaba in the winter;
wine tastings around Traverse City in the spring-
I am the places of Pure Michigan.

My people are proud.
My people work hard.
And when it is time to relax,
a beer and a bonfire does just fine.

Pull up a chair, sit awhile-
we invite you in for a game of Euchre.
Stay awhile, because we are friend to all.
We are Pure Michigan.

© 2016 R. Wolf Baldassarro/Deep Forest Productions


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