Child’s Call

I wrote this one night for some dear friends after hearing news that they had a major setback in their quest to have another child. I was at a loss for words, so she said to write a song. What poured out over the next 15 minutes or so is what you see here. I share this for all of those who have experienced the emotional and physical toll of a miscarriage, adoption issue, or the loss of a child.

There is a phone in Heaven that rings
Known as the Child’s Call
But is it joy or sorrow that it brings?
That is a question asked of all
One day the phone rang but no one answered
The responder, it seemed, had wandered
S/He frolicked, s/he ran, s/he did all of the things that children do
Atop a cloud in Heaven between s/he and you
And still you called
And called
But sometimes the greatest gift is in no answer at all
We may not see that, when curled into a ball
And so it is that we stop calling
Eventually we cease to notice the phone
The world seems dark and we are alone
But the gift is yet to be realized
For it is this message that must be memorized:
“I do not know when or if you are coming home
But there is light yet to be shone
Be patient, be kind,
Be wise, be of strong mind.
This is your time, not mine
There is still room for love to shine”
After all, time always plays on
It is not for us to decide at all
When to answer a Child’s CallMemorial Day (2)


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