New and improved website

CaptureThere had been internet chatter as of late amongst professionals wondering if, in the age of social media, official websites were needed any longer. Quite a few good points were made on all sides of the discussion.

That being said, I knew for some time that my own website needed an overhaul. There were so many subdomains, old links, and multiple, redundant webpages spanning the site and the internet in general. I had the main site, a separate bookstore, and domains just for specific projects or books. It made no sense to have people clicking multiple pages to find content.

I went for a minimalist look that also fit a literary theme and consolidated into five main pages with minimal graphics focusing on the core of my content. Something that was effective, inviting, and useful while pleasing to the eye. Something that also provided consistency across the internet, giving the reader the same look and feel whether they were on the website, Twitter, or Facebook. Each of those websites uses the same header image.
The result, I hope, is a clear and efficient central hub for all things connected to Yours Truly. I hope you like it too. Check it out at the link below.



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