*Update on Loki*
I went to visit with Loki at the hospital today and he is doing well. He still has a fever but is eating and after a few minutes of visiting was back to his usual purring, chirping, and cuddling.
The doctor who performed the ultrasound today is an internal medicine specialist. She said that he has a large mass, called a cystadenoma, on his liver that is so large it is causing a mass effect and pushing other organs back. He also has hyperthyroid issues. He is considered to be in good health, weight, and age to withstand an exploratory surgery to go in and look at the tumor and see if they can remove the whole thing or, at the very least, a large part of it. Dr. Wilson will be performing that tomorrow.
Thank you for the concerns and well-wishes. Keep our kitty in your thoughts that he pulls through this. He’s not out of harms way yet, but the prognosis is better than it was yesterday.

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