I was just carded for shower gel

I am a little confused.

We went to Target for a few things and a funny thing happened at the checkout, when I was carded- for a bottle of Axe shower gel. Yes, carded, for Axe…shower gel? 🤔 We all laughed at the absurdity of it and the possible reasons why.

Forward to just now, as we sat down to enjoy some ice cream. I happened to choose Ben & Jerry’s new Urban Bourbon, which, it turns out, actually HAS WHISKEY listed halfway down the ingredients list (side note: It has a shocking kick to it, but I digress). It scanned through at the checkout without an issue. 😯

So, kids, let this serve as a Public Service Announcement. Shower gel is illegal for underage use; whiskey-containing ice cream is a free for all! 🤪

Who has a spoon?




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