R. Wolf Baldassarro cast in the sci-fi film Aladdin 3477


Today it became official. I will be playing the villainous role of the Klepto King in the sci-fi adventure film Aladdin 3477.

Written and directed by Star Wars artist Matt Busch and set 1500 years in the future, it is a fast-paced spin on a literary and cinematic classic tale.

I will be sharing studio-approved news and images from in front of and behind the scenes exclusively on my official Facebook fan page, such as this one:


Wolf signed his exclusive contract in a meeting at the Aladdin 3477 sound studio with Director Matt Busch and Ric Viers of Detroit Chop Shop


I am thrilled, honored, and overwhelmed to be a part of this amazing experience. I look forward to working with so many amazing and talented people and hope you come along for the ride. It’s going to be an awesome year as this film takes shape.


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