Visitor Code of Conduct

This website will often present for discussion topics of a social and/or political nature. I respect all comments, opinions, and dialogs in regards to the topics presented here for the sake of public discourse. It is through open and honest communication that a common ground and mutual understanding can grow.
If you have a question or concern, chances are you are not alone and others may be thinking the same thing. Therefore, please address those in the comments rather than via individual emails. In this way I can address everyone at once and add that input to the conversation.
There arise times when otherwise intelligent and well-mannered individuals react to some topics from an emotional rather than a rational point of view. It is okay to disagree with myself and others and to present argument in support of a particular view.
The only caveat I set forth is that the discussions on this page, or any subsection hereof, be mature and respectful.
With that in mind, this website is moderated daily by the author/owner. Any comments, posts, or activity that are malicious, hateful, disrespectful, or incites or infers personal harm to any other member(s) of the community will be removed and I reserve the right to do so. In extreme cases, those who violate this standard will be blocked and their actions/intentions reported to the proper authorities.
If you feel so strongly on a topic as to stoop to such language and behavior, then please do so via your own forum, as is your right to do so.

You retain ownership of your comments. They are your words and you are free to use them here and elsewhere in any manner you see fit. I disclaim any and all liability, legal or otherwise, that may result from them. By openly commenting on this website- a public forum-, you agree that you retain ownership in what you post here and that you relieve myself and other responders from any and all liability that may result from such activity.
You also grant me license to repost and reuse your comments in any manner that I see fit, both personally and professionally. This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. You grant me the right to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to future online mediums, in a book- print or otherwise, a video, or presentation without monetary compensation.
Additionally, any unauthorized marketing, promoting, or “spamming” is prohibited and will be removed and dealt with in a manner appropriate to the situation.
I am king of my castle. I am a fair and just king, but I will defend my castle’s integrity and honor in merciless fashion. Be warned all who enter lest ye feel the weight of the ban hammer. Thor is on my payroll.

3 comments on “Visitor Code of Conduct

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  2. Michael Murphy

    Courtesy, respect for others, and general politeness would eliminate the need for this code of conduct. You can’t fix the whole world, but I applaud your efforts to keep your part of it civilized.

    1. R. Wolf Baldassarro

      Some people have no concept of such virtues. It is unfortunate when I have to wield the hammer, but sometimes that is the only appropriate response.

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